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Welcome to the Kelly Shirley School of Dance

The Kelly Shirley School of Dance is dedicated to providing high quality dance,drama, vocal and acrobatic tuition to young people aged 2-18 in a nurturing and caring environment.

Classes are offered in a range of disciplines, giving children and young people a chance to express themselves, gain confidence - and have fun!

All staff are fully insured and hold valid enhanced CRB certificates.

Showcasing Talent

The school has developed a reputation for offering opportunities for pupils to showcase their work. Troupes regularly perform and compete at venues across the North West and further afield, including the Liverpool Empire, Her Majesty's Theatre, London, The Royal Albert Hall, Sadler's Wells and Disneyland Paris. Pupils are supported and prepared for auditions in professional productions.

Personal Support

The atmosphere at the school is intimate and friendly. Principal Kelly Tobin personally supports each child and encourages parents to come in and discuss their child's progress.

Skills for Life

Whether they are dancing for pure enjoyment or working towards a career in performing arts, pupils develop a set of skills that will serve them well in everyday life, from self discipline and mutual respect to working in a team, staying motivated and motivating others - and of course sharing success.

Opportunities for Everyone

Whilst excellence is at the heart of the school, we strive to be inclusive, with every dancer given an opportunity to be involved in shows, competitions, festivals and examinations.